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How to Best Dress for YOUR Body Type

How to Best Dress for YOUR Body Type

Did you know the National Organization for Women found that
50% of teens are “self-conscious” about their bodies; 26.2% report being “dissatisfied”. By age 60, 28.7% of women feel “dissatisfied” and 32.6% feel “self-conscious” about their bodies

Alright ladies, time for the dreaded conversation. Body shape/type. But don’t fret sis,  here at Noted our goal is to empower you to own your body type and help you find ways to the rock pieces you love with the body you've been given!

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece on someone else and when you put it one it’s a big NO? Well there’s hope to make it a big YES for you. The key to this is learning how to style your pieces in a way that flatters and fits your body type! Let's get down to business. Do you know your body type? If not, check out our Knowing Your Body Type blog first

There are several different body shapes but the main five we will focus on are: a rectangle, a pear, an inverted triangle, an hourglass, an apple, and lastly a preggo as a bonus.


When dressing for your body shape, it’s important to first know your “focus area”, that’s the spot that you either want to highlight or de-emphasize. 


For our ladies with the rectangle shape, the focus area is your waist

The goal is to make it appear smaller (de-emphasize). You can give the illusion of a slimmer waist by adding waist belts to your outfit, preferably black or one that can really pull in your waist. 

An alternative is to add volume to your upper and lower halves by wearing patterns, bold colors or literally voluminous clothes (tops and bottoms). 

Create balance by adding volume to your upper and lower body OR simply synch in your waist.


For our sisters who are pear shaped, your focus area is on the top half of your body. 

The goal is to create balance by adding volume into your upper body! Try wearing a push up bra, patterns, textures and well structured tops/jackets that add volume! 

By drawing attention to your top half you will create an appealing balance.

Inverted Triangles

Since inverted triangles are larger on the top half it is essential to focus on the bottom half of your body! 

Create balance by adding volume to your lower body and down playing your upper body.  Wear a belt and bottoms that create curves around the hips (such as a-line skirts). A bonus would be to add a pop of color or pattern to your voluptuous bottom half. 

Finally de-emphasize your top with dark colors, doing this will add to the illusion of balance!

Hour Glasses

For our hourglass sisters, it’s simple! Work on following your natural silhouette and show off those curves! Your focus area is your waist, keep it defined

A fitted top and a high waist bottom will be a staple look for you. 

Keep the balance, if you add volume to the top, add it to the bottom, if you de-emphasize the top, de-emphasize the bottom. 


Apple shaped sisters since you tend to be fuller at the top it's important to focus on deemphasizing your midsection

Pull your waist in with a belt and tone down your midsection with dark colors and avoid bulky clothes! 

You can also draw attention away from your midsection by emphasizing the areas above your bust (jewelry, hair, makeup) and below your hips (bottoms and shoes), you can get real extra with these parts of your body and drop jaws! 



Last, but certainly not least, our preggo ladies! Work that bump girl

Wear clothes that accentuate your stomach area (fitted clothes, wearing dresses as tops, fun patterns and colors). You also want to accentuate the area above your bump and under your bust by wearing clothes that synch that section. 

Avoid pieces that simply drape over your body without synching SOMETHING, this will only make you look larger rather than cute and pregnant!

The National Organization for Women encourages ladies to
Stop comparing yourself to others. Your physiology is unique to you; you can’t get a sense of your body’s needs and abilities with someone else’s body as a reference point. And the research has shown that frequent comparing tends to increase negative body image. Here at Noted we believe no matter your body shape or size it is important to wear pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident!

To learn more about your body type and how to best dress it join Club Noted!

We hope these tips and tricks help you rock pieces you love with the body you have! Shop everything ships FAST!!! Check out our blogs for more style inspiration. We give style inspo for all of your Noted pieces.