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Style Hack: Enhance Your figure with a skirt - Wider hips and a more narrow waist

Style Hack: Enhance Your figure with a skirt - Wider hips and a more narrow waist


What's the point of wearing an A-line skirt or dress if it only makes you look straight? There's NO point in it. 

A-line skirts are meant to give shape to your body, but if you don't already have an hour glass shape, the A-line piece may look more like an H-line on you.

So let’s talk about how to level up your skirts and dresses this year this year!

We call this trick instant hips. 

To our rectangle and inverted triangle shaped sisters, add this trick to your book to enhance your shape and upgrade your look! 


Take a peek in your closet, find that A-line dress or skirt that you absolutely LOVE but does nothing for your body shape. Let's level it up!

You can make it a MVP by using this easy trick to enhance the shape of it. 

Simply add a wider skirt underneath. Adding the skirt helps add dimension to your hips and achieve the perfect hourglass shape. 

This simple trick can take a boring shapeless outfit to an eye catching look that people can't help but compliment! And who doesn’t love being complimented?

Now head to your closet, pick out your favorite simple dress and skirt and work your magic!


Here we used the shirt from our Sweater Weather Skirt Set to achieve these looks.

This simple addition under a skirt or dress can totally change the game.

But let's not stop there, this trick could easily take a shapeless tunic and give it the allusion of being a babydoll dress, the possibilities are endless!

Here at Noted we offer you as endless tips and tricks so that you will look AMAZING in your pieces with TOP NOTCH confidence! 

We hope this simple trick can help you level up your looks this year, in a way that is discrete, easy and do-able for every body shape! 

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