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How to Style a Crewneck Sweatshirt with a FUPA

How to Style a Crewneck Sweatshirt with a FUPA

Let us acknowledge now that crewnecks sweatshirts are everything. They always provide the effortless, casual stylish looks we need in our lives.

Have you ever seen someone in sweats and thought GEEZ she looks so cute in that!! It’s like when you wear sweats you look like you are about to go to bed, but how does that IG model make her simple sweats look so good?? We are about to tell you today. We are going to show you 5 ways to effortless style a crewneck sweat shirt plus bonus tips for each style.

Let’s face the facts, we all come in different shapes and sizes so even if you try to style an outfit exactly how Kim K does, chances are you don’t have Kim K’s shape, but you can modify and do what looks best for your shape.

I'll be speaking to the Mommies today, the mommies with the FUPAs (Fat Upper Pelvic Areas). Don't let that fupa stand in the way of your style, let's embrace it. You ready!?!

How to Style a Crewneck Sweatshirt even with a FUPA

  1. Under overalls

Find yourself a cute overall, rather it be a dress, shorts or pants, same rules apply and a statement shoe, rather it be tennis shoes or heels.

Tip 1: Untuck the sweatshirt just a but and play with the dimensions. You can appear to have a flatter stomach by adding volume above the waist.

Tip 2: Take the overalls off of the shoulders and wear tennis shoes for more of the street vibe and just like that, FUPA is covered.

Tip 3: This look gives you small town girl meets the big city, so embrace that with french braids. Hair styles always complete a look, be sure to channel what "theme" your outfit is going for and complete the look to perfection with your hairstyle.

2. Larger Size Top

Fashion is a form of creativity, creativity is art and art is all about dimensions, contrasts and balance. You will see how this rule applies for a style below as well. For this look we are working with balance. Having a larger top obviously hides your fupa easily, but since we are bagging it out on top we need to slim it down on the bottom. Find your favorite leggings (I'm not usually a fan of leggings, but if you have a larger top, it's acceptable), biker shorts or straight leg jeans.

Tip 1:
Wearing a larger top will hide your waist, and hiding your waist can actually be unflattering at times. To top this look off give it a simple side tuck. Left or right, there's no right or wrong.

Tip 2: If you take a photo in this outfit give that tucked side a little hip pop. We love a cute shape hunni!

3. Tucked in With a Fanny

Fanny's were always meant for Mommies. They allow you to be hands free and they hide the FUPA win-win. So we could easily just wear the crewneck tucked in and it would be super cute, but the purpose of this blog is to style a crewneck with a FUPA so we are going to complete the look with a fanny.

Tip 1
: This look is a monochromatic look which means we could survive without the fanny because monochromatic looks are seamless. The eyes can't tell where one piece begins and the other ends.

Tip 2: You could substitute a fanny with a messenger bag like the overall photos above.

4. Over a Dress

There are no rules in fashion, remember that. Don't limit yourself by believing you can only wear certain pieces a certain way. Today we are turing a dress into a skirt. Find a dress with a cute waist and wear it under the crewneck.

Tip 1: Get a thin belt and buckle it over your top, around your waist for a cute cropped look

Tip 2: Find a dress with a cute pattern or texture to balance out the simple crewneck.

5. Accessorize + A Face Beat

Now, we don't want to get crazy and through confusion into our outfit, but even if you wore your crewneck as simple as could be, with some joggers and tennis shoes, you can still be a baddie with a beat face and your accessories. Listen, the fact is, you could wear a trash bag and people might think what in the world is she wearing!?! But if you take that trash bag and tie a belt around the waist, add some dangly earrings and wear your makeup flawlessly, people will ask you where did you buy your cute outfit!!!

Glasses are such a cute accessory, I know, the people that HAVE to wear glasses hate the people that choose to wear glasses as a fashion statement, but that's their personal problem. Adding glasses instantly give you a good girl/smart girl/ successful girl look. Find you some fashion glasses and flaunt it hunni!!

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