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Step 2: Knowing Your Body Type and loving it

Step 2: Knowing Your Body Type and loving it
Did you know that in 2018 almost 18 million people underwent cosmetic plastic surgery (breast augmentation, liposuctions, injections) and that number continues to rise 5 -6% every year? 
We get it, accepting the way your body was created is hard. You feel like your pants would look so much better if your butt was bigger, or you would look flawless in that top if your waist was more narrow or you could wear that fitted dress if your stomach was flatter.
Well sis...
A) It's possible you CAN wear those pieces AND look amazing in it or
B) That piece just doesn't suit you, but theres something out there that has you covered, even better!
This can be a dreaded conversation for some people, but today we are going to help enhance and or establish confidence in your God given shape!

Think back over your life.

  • When did body shape/type first come on your radar?
  • Who or when did you first label your body type?
  • What did you label it as?
  • When did it become important to you?
  • In the past did you dress for your body type or however you pleased?
  • Have you ever lacked confidence in your body shape?

Well lovie, this post right here is for YOU! Knowing your body type AND embracing it will boost your confidence no matter what you're wearing!

Let's get down to business shall we!?!

Start by striping down to your bra and panties or nothing at all; your call. Stare at yourself in the mirror and analyze the natural cures and shape of your body. Notice the proportions of your shoulders, waist and hips and keep these in mind as we describe each body type below.



The typical body types are as follows:

The typical body types are as follows:

full/wide bust and midsection. Narrow hips.
Wide back. Weight gains in the midsection.


Wider hips than shoulders. Muscular/full thighs.
Small bust. Weight gains around hips, thighs and lower stomach.

 Inverted Triangle
Broad shoulders/bust shoulders, narrow hips/flat bottom.
Most likely athletic build, nice legs with an undefined waist.

Shoulders in line with ribcage and hips with little waist definition. Weight distributes evenly.




Shoulders/bust and hips aligned with a narrow waist.
Round hips and bottom. Weight gain distributes evenly.

Before we go any further, to answer that question in your mind, YES it is possible to be a combination of shapes. For example you can be an apple pear, an inverted triangle and rectangle and so on. But let's try to first focus on the body type you feel is most prominent. 

Knowing your body type TOTALLY CHANGES THE GAME!

It can and will make a difference when it comes to building your perfect wardrobe.

Not all bodies are made equal, meaning just because something looks good on someone else doesn't mean it will look good on you and vice versa.

But here's the catch, THAT’S TOTALLY OK! Just because it looks great on them and doesn’t on you simply means you just have to rock it in the way the best suits your body type.

Here at Noted we realize that body type/shape is a sensitive topic, which is why we work to help you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Knowing and focusing on how to work your body type is key for boosting confidence in your fashion.

Now that you know your personal aesthetic and have learned which body type you have, let's move on to  Step 3: Knowing your Style part of our How To Curate Your Perfect Wardrobe 3-Part Series. You can stop wasting time and money on pieces that you will never wear once you better understand what’s best for YOU. Wear your clothes confidently knowing that it fits your style and body.

If simply staring in the mirror isn’t enough then you can measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips.

Step 2 of 3 🤍 Stay tuned for this 3 part series as we help you curate your perfect wardrobe! To learn more about your body type and how to best dress it join Styled by Noted! Shop everything ships FAST!! Check out our blogs for more style inspiration. We give style inspo for all of our pieces!