How to Wear a Dress as a Top

Have you ever looked in your closet and found pieces that you love, but you've already wore it 100 times it seems? Don't give up on those worn out pieces just yet!

Instead consider options such as these...
... Sleeveless tops worn as an outer garment.
... Skirts as tops.
... Dresses worn as a skirt.

Believe it, you can rock your pieces in the most unconventional ways! This allows you to spice up your wardrobe and think outside of the box!

Take a look at how we pair the Noted Little Black dress with our fan favorite midi wrap skirt!




This simple and easy to create look allows you to utilize all your favorite pieces in more than one way!

We hope this blog inspired you to take a look through your closet and find out which pieces you own can be worn in a unique way!

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XOXO, Styled x Noted.

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