I’m so so excited about our first unisex collection!

The idea was birthed when my husband jokingly said “we should do a collab!” He knows better than to play with amazing business ideas like that…

From there he showed me some inspo pictures of matching brown sweat pants and hoodies, I fell in love and said LET’S DO IT!!

His only request was that the ankle be scrunchie and we have hoodies (rather than a crewneck)

We had so many color choices so we picked out 6 out of 20+ colors. That was still too many so we went to IG and asked them to rate each color.

We sampled some hoodies and pants, the original plan was for them to be regular ladies fit, but when I saw them in person I decided we needed to make them uniquely Noted.

The Hoodie is oversized and the pants are slim fit, giving oversized tee and biker shorts vibes for the fall/winter. They can be worn by men and you can wear HIS as your dress 😌

The quality is AMAZING, l’m so pleased with how these turned out, you’re going to LOVE yours. They make great gifts as well. 🤎

Feel the vibe.

Be the vibe. 

Give the vibe.

xoxo Brittany (owner)


This collection is empty.